Early in his career, Dr. Marshall H. Kaplan realized that space professionals had limited resources in advancing their own space-related knowledge base. Unless you were actually pursuing a formal university degree in engineering and the like, no other facility provided workshops or courses on space topics of interest.

Thus, in 1970, Dr. Kaplan established Launchspace to fill the space course void. Since then, Launchspace has served the international space community by offering hundreds of training workshops on subjects ranging from systems engineering to launch vehicle aerodynamics. While Launchspace first entered the market by offering public courses throughout the United States, by 1995, Launchspace had begun to design company-specific courses that essentially are tailored to the specific requirements of any given company to train its own personnel.

Today, Launchspace provides instructor-led professional training services to the international space community through high-intensity professionaldevelopment courses in almost every aspect of space flight, launch vehicles, and spacecraft. Custom courses are offered throughout the world at client locations in support of mission requirements and to expand the expertise of professional staff. In addition, high-demand public classes are presented for open registration at convenient centralized locations.


Marshall H. Kaplan, Ph.D., is a recognized expert in satellite and launch vehicle systems design and Engineering. He has participated in many new launch vehicle and satellite developments and has served as Chief Engineer on two launch vehicle programs. Dr. Kaplan was a member of the National Research Council’s Committee on Reusable Launch Vehicle Technology and Test Program. He has trained organizations that have won large space systems contracts for military and commercial applications. In his 40+ years of academic and industrial experience, he has served as Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University, was the executive Director of a Space Research Institute and has presented space technology and systems courses in the U.S., Europe, Asia and South America. In addition to publishing over 100 papers, reports, and articles on space technologies, he is the author of several books, including the internationally used text, Modern Spacecraft Dynamics and Control. Dr. Kaplan is an AIAA Fellow and member of the Technical Committee on Space Transportation. He holds advanced degrees from MIT and Stanford University and is a Professor of the Practice in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Maryland.


Launchspace is an internationally known provider of training services to the space community.  Although the United States is our prime location of activities, Launchspace has designed and presented single short courses and extensive educational series to organizations in Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa.

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