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Upon official request, client-site classes are individually quoted for a fixed, all-inclusive price, usually within 24 hours, for a mutually agreed upon time, duration, as well as location.  Classes from the Course Catalog may be moderately customized at no extra charge to fit client requirements.  Customized classes not listed in the Course Catalog are quoted after course requirements are determined and mutually agreed.

Launchspace payment terms vary, depending on: [a] the class location (continental U.S. or abroad, for example); [b] the specialized content requirements; [c] the class date; and, [d] the lead-time to prepare the client-site class.

Clients are responsible for: [a] selecting the venue; [b] providing the audio/visual equipment needed; [c] managing the attendee registration process; and, [d] providing any desired refreshments.

Launchspace will provide all necessary printed materials (for classes in the continental U.S. only; client is responsible for printed materials from Launchspace-provided electronic media for classes conducted abroad).

Launchspace will carefully work with the client to reschedule a planned client-site class.  If, however, a Client-Site class is cancelled within 30 days of the scheduled course start date, a prorated full payment, based on actual Launchspace expenditures,  will be requested.

Classes are taught and materials are printed in the English language.

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